Understanding Your Car’s On-Board Diagnostic System

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

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As a car owner, you might have seen the check engine light come on while driving, causing you to panic. But what does it mean? Your car's health is always important, and timely diagnosis of issues can prevent severe damage and save you money. At Frog Pond Performance in Oakboro, NC, we want to help you understand your car's on-board diagnostic system (OBD) and the check engine light. Our ASE-certified technicians are always ready to assist you in any car troubles.

What is the On-Board Diagnostic System?

The OBD system is a tool used by mechanics to help identify issues with your vehicle. The system uses sensors throughout your car to monitor performance factors such as emissions, fuel efficiency, and electronic control systems. OBD allows our technicians to read the sensors and interpret the codes they provide if there is a problem. The check engine light is the most recognizable indicator of a problem with your car. It appears as a yellow or red light on your car's dashboard and may appear with the "check" word. It indicates that a sensor has detected a problem that needs attention. The issue can range from minor to severe, but ignoring it can cause further damage to your vehicle.

What should you do when the check engine light comes on? The first step is to remain calm, but you should address the issue quickly, as waiting could worsen the potential damages and increase the repair cost. The second step is to book an appointment with our ASE-certified technicians at Frog Pond Performance to inspect your car by a professional who can diagnose the problem correctly. Our technicians will use a scan tool to read the codes from your car's OBD system to determine the problem. Many issues can cause the CEL to come on, including a faulty oxygen sensor, spark plugs, or a malfunctioning catalytic converter. One of the most common reasons is a loose gas cap. If the gas cap is not tightened enough, the check engine light may illuminate. Pay attention to the light's duration, whether it flashes or stays on permanently, and if other warning signs accompany it.

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Knowing what your car's on-board diagnostic system and check engine light means is crucial for maintaining your vehicle's health. If the light comes on, taking action quickly and booking an appointment with trained professionals is essential. At Frog Pond Performance in Oakboro, NC, you can trust that our ASE-certified technicians will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and a cost-effective solution for your car issues.

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