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Your diesel vehicle deserves professional care. Since 2009, Frog Pond Performance has served Oakboro, North Carolina, with reputable diesel repair and maintenance. Our shop is NAPA Gold Certified, and our technicians are ASE-Certified and specially trained in caring for diesel vehicles; we understand the inner workings of diesel engines and technology to a T. We use the right tools and equipment in our services, and all our repair procedures align with both manufacturer and industry best practices. Whether it’s a diesel truck, van, or SUV you drive that requires professional care, your expectations will be exceeded when you work with our auto shop! Call our team at (704) 485-2538 to learn more about our diesel repair and maintenance services, call our team at (704) 485-2538. You can also find out more about warranty coverage, our loaner cars for longer service visits, and everything in between! We are here to serve as best as we can.

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Overview Of Diesel Maintenance Services

If you drive a diesel vehicle, chances are you are putting it to work. Diesel engines offer more capability than gasoline engines, including more torque and hauling/towing power and better fuel economy. To ensure your vehicle always remains up to the task, it needs to receive proper maintenance. Diesel vehicles require much of the same maintenance as a gasoline vehicle, such as oil changes, air, and fuel filter changes, tire rotations, and fluid exchanges (note: services such as oil changes and air/fuel filter changes are often required more frequently). There are a few additional aspects for diesel car care we recommend. Due to the demand for diesel vehicles, regular engine cleanings are highly suggested. Dirt, grime, and grease can accumulate, compromising the performance of your engine severely and requiring diesel repair. Since diesel engines run hotter, regular inspections of the radiator and cooling system components for any signs of warping are recommended. To that end, we also offer radiator flushes and coolant replenishments to stave off the possibility of overheating.

Diesel Repair for Trucks, Vans, And SUVs

If you experience a problem with your diesel vehicle, bring it to the experts at Frog Pond Performance! In addition to our maintenance services, we provide professional diesel repair. A common sign of trouble is difficulty when attempting to start your vehicle. If your fuel filter is filthy, the throttle linkage is loose, or there is an issue with the fuel injector, you’ll notice a lack of power when starting or accelerating. Do you see black exhaust? This is often a symptom of a clogged air filter, faulty turbocharger, or a broken EGR valve. Additional problems include fuel contamination (via soot, water, or glycol), oil oxidation, and incorrect weight viscosity of lubrication. Whatever you may be experiencing, you’ll find peace of mind with our team’s expertise! We take every concern seriously, and we will not stop until we determine the underlying issue. We inspect thoroughly, diagnose accurately, and fix efficiently! Your diesel vehicle is in great hands at our auto repair shop, located at 20024 Newsome Rd Oakboro, NC 28129. Contact us today to learn more about our diesel repair services.

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