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Steering and Suspension Repair in Oakboro, NC

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The Steering System

Every driver knows the importance of their steering wheel. But what they might not know is how intricate the system really is. The steering system requires several different components to accurately work: the steering wheel, steering column/shaft, drop arm/pitman arm, ball joints, drag link, steering arm, and stub axle. Common problems with a steering system can vary, such as low power steering fluid or a cracked hose. Other issues include leaks, a damaged steering rack, a damaged power steering belt, or bad strut bearings. You’ll often know when something is not right that may require steering and suspension repair when you notice abnormal steering behavior. For example, you may find it hard to steer, there is extra movement in your steering, your car seems to drift, the steering wheel vibrates, or the steering wheel feels loose. Here at Frog Pond Performance in Oakboro, North Carolina, we have the tools and the experience to fix any issue you may be having! We offer extensive steering and suspension repair for all makes and models.

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The Suspension System

The suspension system is responsible for creating a smooth and controlled ride. Every bump and road flaw you encounter is absorbed by the suspension system, ensuring a comfortable drive every time. The suspension system is located on the undercarriage of a car, which means it also contributes to supporting the weight of the vehicle. The system is made up of many different parts: springs, shocks, struts, arms, bars, linkages, bushings, and joints. The shocks and struts are two of the most important pieces of the system. The shocks control the impact and movement of the springs and ensure the tires remain in contact with the road, while the struts provide structural support; in turn, this also contributes to riding comfort, handling, control, braking, and steering. If a component wears or becomes compromised in any way, you will likely experience a bumpy ride, clunking noises when hitting a bump, vibrations when driving, erratic braking, or irregular tire wear. Examples of suspension problems that we fix in our steering and suspension repair services include sagging springs, bent control arms, worn shocks, leaks, and bad bushings.

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There’s nothing our auto repair shop can’t do for its customers, including minor and major steering and suspension repair. These systems are detailed and require a skilled hand for proper repair service, and we’re proud to employ only ASE-certified technicians and utilize cutting-edge tools and technology. We also offer a comprehensive three-year/36,000-mile warranty on most repairs. Frog Pond Performance will look after your vehicle for as long as you own it. We can handle maintenance appointments, perform service and inspection, and replace parts in a timely fashion. When you service with us, you’ll enjoy numerous perks: an inside and outside waiting area, available shuttle service, free WiFi, 24-hour towing, and more! Experience the difference today at 20024 Newsome Rd Oakboro, NC 28129 in Oakboro, North Carolina! Our team of experts is happy to field any questions or set up an appointment for steering and suspension repair—just call us at (704) 485-2538. We look forward to serving you soon.

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