Three Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe on Road Trips

When you have pets, eventually, they will take a ride in your vehicle. Whether you take a quick trip to the vet or a longer one crossing city lines for a visit, your furry family members are important. They deserve a safe, comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. With 84.9 million pet-owning homes in the United States, many with multiple pets, the number of dogs and cats injured in car accidents is in the thousands. There are steps to prevent your pet from joining those statistics. You can keep your favorite fur baby safe and sound by following proper car-pet safety.

Three Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Car

  1. Back is Best
  2. While traveling with your pet upfront with you sounds more comfortable for your pet, the back seat is the safest. Not only can pets distract the driver with their movements, but many modern cars also have multiple airbags built into the front area. This safety feature is only meant to protect adult humans, not pets. Even having your pet in a vet-approved travel carrier does not significantly decrease the possibility of injury, as carriers are not safety-tested for vehicle accidents and can be crushed with the deployment of an airbag.

  3. Harness & Crates
  4. Now that you’ve got your pet in the back seat, they should be restrained. Whether you find a vet-approved, properly sized harness that connects to the existing seat belt system in your vehicle or for smaller pets, placing a crate on the floorboards, you can ensure that your pet is comfortable but safe in case of an accident.

    Pets should never travel unrestrained in the back of a pick-up truck. There is an increased possibility of fall risk, but in case of an accident, you will most likely lose your dog! Preventative measures save everyone heartbreak!
  5. Be Prepared
  6. Before you travel, make sure you have the essentials with you: food, water, medications (if applicable), leash, and poop bags (or a litter box for your kitties). Another handy thing to pack is a pet-specific first aid kit containing medical supplies and an updated copy of their shots and any medical conditions. If you’re incapacitated from an accident, a stranger may need to care for your pet. This is also an ideal time to get your pet microchipped. If you’ve already done that, update any contact information to include any identifying information attached to their collar.

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Written by Frog Pond Performance